• Coal


The company’s first mine is located in Malabo, West Aceh Regency. Aldiron Hero Group leads the coal mining sector in Indonesia with the largest coal concession of 380,000 hectares in Tutut and Meulaboh, Aceh.

Those areas lying in the Meulaboh Regency are accessible through Medan-Tapak, Ruan-Meulaboh Road and it takes approximately 12 hours to journey to the area. Meulaboh is connected to sub-districts and several villages by the Regency Road and is equipped with a port that provides communication and transportation. The area is perfect for surface geology and drilling cartography, and is accessible by land. It has a connecting port close to the location that allows departures and arrivals of shipping.

The company’s second mine is located by the Lubuk Bernai village, which is in the Tungkal Ulu district in West Tanjung Jabung of Jambi. It is a one-and-a-half hour plane ride from Jakarta. In conducting the business, Aldiron Hero Group is committed to wisely managing the natural resources and participating in the global effort to overcome the future oil crisis as the main source of energy on the planet.